"like a daydream"
Nicolas Rapold, New York Times

"something to wish that more films dared to strive for"
Danny King, Village Voice

"to call Oreck's film "hypnotic" would be too easy"
Clayton Dillard, Slant Magazine

"poetic, mesmerizing"
Ronnie Scheib, Variety

"a well-attuned act of cultural ventriloquism"
Phil Hoad, The Guardian

"unusual and intoxicating"
Howard Feinstein, Screen Daily

"original and unforgettable... an altogether new kind of art"
Jordan Cronk, Fandor

"eminently perceptive... wondrously tactile"
Dan Girmus, In Review

"compressing thought's longitude into a flash of an image"
Ela Bittencourt, Slant Magazine

"cinematically supernatural"
Jordan M. Smith, IonCinema

"beautifully rendered... gorgeously photographed"
Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"a compelling and haunting document that slips through any attempt at categorisation"
Sama Hugo, ArtsHub Australia

"a razor-sharp gust of wind"
Daniel Walber, NonFics

"ravishing... I can't wait to see this film again"
Dustin Chang, Twitch Film

"a profoundly moving meditation"
Miriam Karmali, The Upcoming

"relevant, timely and graceful"
Natalie Brown, SRQ Backlot

"poetic prowess"
Alicia Tan, Vox Magazine

"an ethereal experience"
Laurence Barber, The Age

"satisfyingly off-key...delivered in a range of volumes and textures"
David Jenkins, Little White Lies

"profound, utterly mesmerizing piece of cinema"
Asher Govatos, Next Projection

Interview with Jessica Oreck
David Gregory Lawson, FilmComment

Interview with Jessica Oreck
Tom Roston, POV