In the Studio Part II

Alright, as promised, a few snippets from what we have been working on.
These shots are really about the process we have been developing. I will post more revealing images when we have a full sample…

Paint Samples

These are all of our story-boards. This wall is the summation of the entire story!

From [...]

In the Studio

The team behind the animated fairy tale portion of my film, The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga, is growing. Michelle Enemark as animator and Devin Dobrowolski as illustrator are both incredibly talented artists that I am so excited to be working with.

This week Michelle, Rachael and I all convened at Devin’s studio to map [...]


After seemingly endless delays, our film finally arrived in New York from the lab in Poland. Unfortunately, it arrived in boxes that looked like they had been trampled by a full parade before being unceremoniously thrown in a pool. I have never seen anything quite like it, and I was incredibly nervous about [...]

Kiev, Warsaw and Home

Our first day in Kiev, Sean met up with former Kim’s friend, Igor while Reka and I poked around an old flea market. I have been looking for an old Cyrillic typewriter this whole trip.

Later Alice and Max showed us around this crazy building, built by Vladislav Gorodetsky, a famous Ukrainian architect (called the [...]

Russia and Ukraine (Part 2)

After our long drive (with many cops) we arrived in Petrosovodsk – a medium sized town about 5 hours (or 8 hours if you’re us) north of SPB. Right now our team consists of five: Sean and Reka and I, plus Raphael and one of our translator/fixers, Varvara. It was, as usual, a [...]


Getting into St. Petersburg was easy, we worried too much. No problem at the airport or with the rental car.
We had a nice time the next few days, in and around St. Petersburg. Exploring ruins, eating sushi, watching all the beautiful girls, all with our St. Petersburg fixer, Dmitri, his friend Sergei, and [...]

Just passed the halfway mark

Our experience in the mustard-colored party-bus in Slovakia was the equivalent of a smooth-cruising limo next to our ride to see the sunset in Gykliviy. I sat in front, Sean and Reka in the back, in the bed of one very old and well-used ATV. The driver had just gotten some bad news [...]

Week 2

So, of course, since I mentioned weather in the last entry, it changed. Our one day in the primeval forest of Bialoweska and it poured so enormously. We were exceptionally lucky – we finished our last shot and within 2 minutes of loading up the car, it was gushing.

Our first week in Poland

Things are very busy, but a quick update.
We had a great couple of days in Warsaw, then Podlasie and now in Bialowieza. We have an awesome translator (Patrycja) and camera assistant (Bartek). Pierogis here are amazing. And the weather has been pleasant enough. We have a 3 am call time tomorrow, so [...]

On our way...

We are leaving Monday to start our latest adventures in the forests of Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
Please check back often as we will be writing and posting pictures about the production on a weekly basis.