Just back from an exceptional three weeks at the MacDowell Colony, to find this incredibly good news waiting for me. A giant and unwieldy thank you to everyone at Cinereach for selecting The Vanquishing as one of the thirteen recipients of the Winter Grant cycle.
This is a major step towards completing this project and [...]

New Year News

Though this blog has been relatively quiet as of late, have no fear – we’re still very much committed to The Vanquishing, and digging into the process of writing and editing. We also have two exciting updates to share with you.

First, we are pleased to announce that production of our third documentary, Pipe Fire, is [...]

Wanted Booty

A friend of mine sent me this link to some amazing mushroom lamps. (Via Inhabit)
I want all of them.

Trip Booty Part 3

That one day that we were stopped in traffic for several hours, we were listening to the only CD we had in the car (one that Sean had bought earlier that week). It was an mp3 CD of every live concert the Russian band Kino performed in 1986.
And this one song was performed in [...]

Trip Booty Part 2

While in the north of Russia, we came across several “Grannies” (as our translator called them), sitting on the side of the road, knitting away.
These mittens were just one of the many fine samples the crew purchased.
They are awesomely soft.

Chicken and Egg

The Vanquishing just received official notice that it has been selected for the development portion of Chicken and Egg Pictures’ “I Believe in You Grant.”
They believe in me! So should you!

Once upon a time...

Surely, starting a project with these words will bring about a happy ending. But, as this is just the beginning, perhaps it is important to add a bit more…
This space will function as a news, message, inspiration and intrigue board for all things related to The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga.
The nature of [...]